What is a referral?

·       A referral for the context of means a colleague that has been selected to be referred to a potential client or other professional.  Referral can also be interchanged with refer and referred.

How do I refer one colleague at a time?

·       Sign into your account and click on the “my directory tab.”  Use one of the search features to find the colleague you want to refer.  Or scroll down the colleagues listed in your directory till you find the colleague.  You will see two icons in their profile. Click this icon email referral  to email a referral of this colleague . 

·       You will then be asked to enter the client or patient’s name and email address that you are sending the referral to. 

·       You can also check a box if you would like the colleague to know that you passed their name on as a referral.  When you are ready click the “email” button and the information will be passed on to your client or patient. 

·        If you prefer to print out the information click on the print referral  icon. 


How do I refer multiple colleagues at a time?

·       Sign into your account and click on the “my directory” tab.  Towards the top left of the page you will see a search box called “search colleagues.”  Just below that you will see a link that says “advanced search.”  Click on the “advanced search” tab. 

·       Select the appropriate search perimeters: type of service, location, gender, specialty or license type.  Then click the search button.  You should see a list of colleagues that match your search criteria. 

·       To the left of each profile picture on the list is a check box.  Select the colleagues you want to refer by checking the box. Click, “refer selected member.”

·       A pop up box will appear with the list of the colleagues you selected to refer.  Enter your patient’s/client’s name and then email address. 

·       Check the box “notify colleague” on each profile if you want your colleague to know you just passed on their name as a referral. 

·       Click on the email icon to send the referrals to your patient or client. 

·       If you want to print the list of colleagues that appears on your screen click on the “print” button. 

What will my client see when I email them referrals?

·       Your client will receive an email from  It will have your name in it and in the from box on the email.

·       Instead of the referrals being directly in the email there is a link for them to click instead.  Once a client clicks on the link they will be brought to a web page containing the full profiles of the colleagues you chose. 

·       They will have no access to your directory or any of your colleagues directories.  There will be a print icon for them to click on. 

·       The link in the email is only good for 7 days.  So it’s important to tell your client to print the info once they get it. 

Why do you send client’s a link to the referrals instead of putting them directly into the email?

·       This is done to protect your client’s privacy.  Typically, clients do not have a secure email system in place.  By sending a time-limited link to the referrals it lessens the chances of someone else hacking into their email and reading this information.  In 7 days the link is disabled and that gives both you and your client more privacy control than leaving it exposed.  

How many colleagues can I refer to a client at one time?

·       Professional members can refer unlimited colleagues at one time.  However, you may not want to overwhelm someone by sending too many at once. 

·       Limited members cannot refer any colleagues.

What is this symbol not accepting referrals and why can’t I refer colleagues who have this symbol next to their name?

·       When you see this symbol next to a colleagues name it means that a colleague is not accepting new clients at this time or does not want to be referred. 

·       If you would like to check your own status for this sign into your account, click the profile tab and then the click privacy tab.   Scroll down to refer settings.

·       If you would like colleagues to refer you potential clients check the box next to “Allow iRefer members to share my profile publicly including potential clients and other professionals. Please note that has no control of who a colleague can release this information too.”

·       Then choose if you want only your colleagues to refer you or their colleagues as well. 

·         If you do not want to be referred leave the box unchecked.