How do I edit my profile?

·        Sign into your account.  Then click on the profile tab.  You can edit directly on that page at anytime.  You can also click on the sub-tabs: specialties, bio and privacy to edit them as well.

How can I see a public view of my profile?

  • Sign into your account.  Click on the dashboard tab. Under “recent activity” you will see the word “you” as a hyperlink.  Click on it and it will open up your public profile.  
  • If you have not had any recent activity and there is no “you” showing up.  Go into your profile and update something and save it.  Then return to the dashboard and you should now see the “you.”

I filled out all the information in my profile but some information is not showing up in my public profile.  Why?

·        This may be a privacy setting issue or a membership issue.  There are two settings that affect what information shows up publically regardless of how much information you supplied in your profile.

·         Under “profile level” professional members will have two choices: limited profile information and extended profile. 

o   Limited members do not have an option and are assigned “limited profile information.”  You must upgrade to a professional membership to access the other option.

·        If you choose “limited profile information” then the only information that will show up publically is:  name, specialties, types of service, city, state, occupation and license type.

·        To change your privacy setting sign in and click on the profile tab.  Then click on the privacy tab.  Scroll down to “profile level” and make sure “extended profile” is selected.