Who can join

· is open to anyone in the mental health or related field.  Currently, if you are a therapist, doctor, counselor or coach you can join.  If you are in a closely related field such as the healing arts you are most welcome to join.  If you’re not sure send us an email and we can help sort it out for you.

How much does it cost?

·         Professional Membership is $5.95 a month

·         Limited Membership is free.

Do I have to sign a contract and what are the terms?

·         There are no membership contracts and you can cancel anytime

·         Professional members will sign a payment agreement when they subscribe. However, you can cancel your subscription at anytime

o    A professional subscription is billed monthly through recurring payments that are set up when you join or upgrade.

What are the benefits of a limited membership?

·         Although you don’t get all the bells and whistles there are still a few very important reasons to join:

o    By creating a directory you will store all of your most trusted professional contacts in one location.

o    You can access your directory at anytime with your computer or smart phone

o    Create a profile and make it easy for your colleagues to refer you clients.  

What are the benefits of a professional membership?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership level?

·         Sign into your account.  Click on the account tab. Depending on your membership level you will see a button that says unsubscribe or upgrade.  Click on the button and follow the directions. 

·         If you are a professional member you will be downgraded to a limited member.

·         If you are a limited member you will be upgraded to a professional member.

How do I join?

·         Click here:

·         Find the button or link that says “sign up” and click it.

How do I Cancel my membership?

·         We hate to see you go, but we understand things happen.  If it’s something that we did or didn’t do please let us know.  We would be happy to try and fix the problem. 

·         Email us at and let us know you want to cancel your account. 

·         If you are a professional member you will need to unsubscribe first.  Once you unsubscribe, email us and we will remove you from the system.